India 2011

Kira doing amazing stuff
Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam, India where a lunch break could be spend in a very agreable way.
Muringa Vila, my home for the yoga course. Super nice and relaxed and hidden away from the busy beach front.
The swamp! Just behind the beach front there were this mosquito paradise and of course also the place where our yoga roof was....
Warm and humid
Handstand party! After hours fun at the beach. Sam and Jacob preparing for something exceptionel...
..defying gravity!
please note the french breakfast suggestion.. hehe
Indian tourist from the north, dipping their feet which was enough for them.
Underwater yoga...turns out to be pretty difficult with the change in gravity.
Big birds. Other than crows, there were a fair bit of cool birds : )
Trivandrum, biggest city nearby. There you couldn't avoid noticing that this state, Kerala, had a comunist party in charge.

Hindu temple
The marketplace, very busy and not many tourist
Bananas!! They had the best fruit.
Something for every taste.
Palms, palms and more palms.
Yeah, getting into these things, you just had to trust in faith. This particulary one obviously had not...
Waste solution: burn it
Even hardcore yogies settles matters in this old fashioned way : )
ahh sunset from our yoga place.
Local animals help me finish my milkshake.
1. december and the christmas spirit kicked in.
Bananamilkshakes soo thick that the straw stands by itself and these shakes are without ice..
There were a little more style over the taxies.
Varkala, new city....
New beaches to do yoga on.

The fierce waves of Varkala
jugding wether to go over or under...
often there were no time to make decisions, you just got rolled around!
Dog interups my photoshot, eats my paper fox and ruins my sandcastle..
Buddisth temple in Sri Lanka, very cool entrance : )
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Fishermen boats at Sri Lanka
Got my paper fox out of the dogs mouths, dried it up and it was ready for Sri Lanka.