California 2013!

This is more or less what I did for 4 weeks in California. I spendt the 2 first weeks with my sister (part 1) and the 2 last ones on my own (part 2). Why California? Because of the "Zalophus Californianus" or put in normal words The California Sea Lion! You can find them all the way up the coast. Also it was a place both my sister and I could agree on. She was all in for Hollywood and I for the coast.

Hollywood, Los Angeles. This is where we start our trip.
My sister, Rikke, and allll the stars. We were told you don't really earn yourself a star. You have to buy one  and it looks best if it's your producer who does it, not yourself...
This is as close as we got to anybody famous : )
Los Angeles
Universal Studios. The transformers ride was by far the best. I was screaming all the way and ducking down too often to avoid being hit by 3D missiles and robots. It felt VERY real to me!
Still in Universal Studios, now at the Jaws part  of the park.
The Simpsons ride was cool too but just not quite as good as Transformers.. I never felt close to death in it.
And of course we went on the Go-see-famouse-people's-houses-Tour! Now my sister was manager of the camera at this point and I'm pretty sure that even though she took pictures of all these gates, she has no idea who lives behind them now. 
From famous people's houses to their graves : ) One of the more quite places in L.A.
Pigeons just won't do in Hollywood. Even if you're dead, it has to be a fancy bird walking around your grave.

Venice, which is Los Angeles, just by the beach.
We actually never touched the water in Venice. It all happens on land.

Against what we were told, you can get around without a car. These bikes took us all around Venice and Santa Monica.
The beach in Santa Monica.
Basket ball at the beach, note basket is for small people too : )
Palms, palms, palms...
This man has built a carrier of rolling around and playing electric guitar at the same time.

My sister, naturally really good with a hoop.... 
Me....still learning. I can now, when I gather ALL my focus and concentration, keep it up for 15 sec!
I stumbled upon a coloring book of Ryan Gosling in a shop... I almost bought it... but then reason took over again and I hurried out of the shop.
Finally a seal! We left L.A. and travled south to San Diego. This is just the zoo though ; )
I personally think the zoo is a little overrated. Yes, they have a baby panda, but there's a 2 hour queue to see it...
Aerial Yoga is great! I think this was the monkey pose.
Ocean Beach, San Diego. Farmers Market, which means lot's of  good stuff to eat.
It was not only about food though..
Ocean Beach
I was biking along the beaches when I saw this. I was amazed.... this dog was just skating all day long!
I managed to get a little video of it. The sound is bad so just tick it off.
La Jolla, San Diego. Here the sea lions have settled right on the beach : )
The visibility underwater was very bad though, so I didn't get any good pictures  while snorkeling. The sea lions would be right next to you before you saw them.
Still La Jolla, but different beach with different sea creatures napping.
Seals. Now seals and sea lions aren't the same thing...  The two parts doesn't hang out on the same beaches. Seals look more like a sausage and smell more. They don't have any external ears and they can't use their flipper as feet, they move on their belly on land.

Squirrels, all over the place.
Ah, true american food! (and no, it's not meat, but beans)