Mexico 2011

Turist-spot number one: The pyramids near Mexico City.
Israel and me, before the climb..

A view of the site. Really big on a varm day

Me on the moon-pyramid

Mexico City, or a little part of it

Pinatas, fruits and Santa Muerte, a nice diverse market

How do you like your pet-chicken? Red, blue, green.....

Aztec art

PiƱatas, in all different shapes and colors : )

Use a little bit of imagination and you will clearly see that this
pancake is a portrait of me on a pony...

Israel and me - almost at the top of the 3rd biggest rock in the world!

Squirrels, all over the place

It is a little sweet, no? I went swimming with these guy's on
the west coast. Amazing : )

Me in the water with the sealions, or that's how it felt!

Posing for the turists

The sealions saves as much energi as possible..

Isla santos espiritus, where the sealions lived

Isla Mujeres

Diving at Isla Mujeres on the east coast of Mexico

no sand castles, but sand pyramids : )

The virgin of Guadeloupe, Mexico's Mary

Giant lizard, did not attack but did give me the evil look

Limonada - soo good!